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January 13, 2023
my ideal world is a fully automated gay space communism

October 17, 2022
“I want to vote for someone I agree with, but honestly they’re all weirdos with broken brains”

July 6, 2021
we allow culture to create a dream for us, a dream that we live in

Oneuary 1, 2021
the gut doesn’t need any words to figure it out

February 18, 2023
what if the real ground score was the friends we made along the way?

November 6, 2018
this piece shall be presented in english, for that is what we are seeking to deconstruct

February 2, 2023
one less billionaire = thousands more millionaires

Monday September 4th 2023
“If you can find love in this f***** u* world good for you im drinking bud light”

September 11, 2021
“I’m tryna make tik toks that decalcify the pineal gland.”

April 2, 2020
don’t worry; one day we will all live together in the Big Glendora In The Sky, and there will be no dishes to do.

October 19, 2018
is trash art?

Monday October 16th 2023
“Conceptual art is like a culinary movement that declares war against flavor.”

Thursday March 2nd 2023
Keep truck drivers employed once trucks are automated by having them twitch stream

Friday January 7th 2022
“#crisiscore #themewave #crimecore #harmcore #crimewave #bruteforce #bluntforcetrauma #traumaforce #criminalcore #forcedentry #hostilewitness #falseconfession #nightstick #courtcasecore #judgementday #extortion #destructionofproperty #hitandrun #officerdown #larceny #grandtheft”

Sunday December 23rd 2018
This is the archive where you can browse every physical object that you ever considered “yours”.

This is the room in which you can observe every moment you ever spent in front of a mirror.

This is the program that charts the life of every book you loaned out and never saw again.

Montag June 16th 2022
Angelic refuse litters the street
Far beneath the choratic dreams
So many hold in their hearts
A way out from the debris
E-soph-a-gus coated in cancerous blight
White feathers flow with the breeze
Never changing direction or ease
Just within the grasp
Outside the blank mind
With marching orders to the ticks of time

Tuesday April 21 2020
“Neo-liberalism ruined my life and all I got was this dumb t-shirt.”

Saturday March 28 2020
A boy in Margiela with manufactured holes tells a panhandling woman in weathered clothes “sorry I don’t have any cash.”

Toobday October 31 1777
Headfirst into the rabbit warren
Pull back the curtain
Two magpies speaking backwards
I was turned into a lampshade
It was like a dream

Thursday May 23, 1895
You can’t have your thoughts out here. Keep your voice in your head.
        —NYPL Security to Annoying Patron

Clear blue skies, empty as my pretty little head.


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By Bureaucrats, For Bureaucrats™

A.D. 2019   ︎   CONTACT